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What’s New

This page shows the detailed updates of each app version. Please contact us at hello@epictopia.com if you have any issues.


New features

  • Edit past memos and milestones
  • Notify users when their followers and subscriptions have updates
  • Long press posts to copy the content

    Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Trackers not showing up when creating a new memo
  • Enhanced visualizations of trackers in epic summary
    • Adjusted UI
    • Corrected height calculation for bar charts
    • The tracker preview does not reflect the actual graph in the detailed view
  • Crash issues for signup and login
  • Fixed issues of the guest mode
    • Error message for onboarding process of guest mode
    • Profile image uploading issue
    • Crash issues
  • Error message when entering the post detailed view


New features

  • Visualizations for trackers
    • Line charts for Number trackers
    • Bar charts for Category and Duration trackers
  • Reminders for upgrading the app


  • Enhanced image uploading process
    • If an image is not uploaded successfully, automatically try another time
    • Before successfully uploading an image, use the local image as a temporary placeholder
    • Display a “failure” icon if an image is not uploaded successfully
  • Improved the drag-to-refresh experience on the home page
  • Enhanced image preview

    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the image reloading issue when returning to the home page
  • Fixed the image uploading error


Sep 1, 2022


  • Select more than one picture at a time when uploading photos from the album
  • Direct the users to the detailed views of the post when clicking the system notification regarding a post

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue that the notifications for epic reminders make no sound
  • Fixed the animation issue of the time picker when setting epic reminders


Aug 29, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the “show more” issue on the posts in the explore section and collection view
  • Fixed the bugs of bio placeholder, profile image setting, and signing up procedure


Aug 27, 2022

New features

  • Add reminders to the epics in the epic setting section
  • Notification center
    • One click to clear all notifications
    • One click to mark all notifications as read


  • Redesign the epic setting page


Aug 12, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the order of notification list
  • Solved the conflict between the tracker information page and keyboard
  • Fixed a typo on the tracker information page
  • Fixed the “show more” on the post detail page
  • Fixed the navigation issue of the invitation banner (invisible background)
  • Fixed the navigation issue of the collection view (mistakenly adding an epic when clicking a blank space)


  • Show up the onboarding process when deleting and re-signing up the account


Aug 10, 2022

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • Improved the UI quality of the information page for Activities Board and Trackers
  • Enhanced the smoothness and refreshing experience of the collection view by replacing ScrollView with List
  • Updated What’s New section
  • Reduced the loading time for the Notification section by restructuring the Message module in Swift
  • Enhanced the loading logic of tracker info on the post by restructuring the PostTracker module to directly contain the tracker meta data


Aug 5, 2022

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • Negative like numbers
  • The top status bar does not show up on the premium member page (golden card)
  • Trackers issue
    • The app crashes when creating multiple trackers quickly at the same time
    • The trackers got duplicated when selecting and un-selecting trackers quickly when creating the post


Aug 5, 2022

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • Updated the invitation link to download the app
  • Fixed the login issue through Gmail
  • Fixed the crash issue caused by loading the epics


Aug 4, 2022

Welcome to EpicTopia!

We help users record and share their long-term journeys or goals, which we call “epics”. EpicTopia helps you keep a record of your precious memories, connect with people who shared similar experiences, and find solutions that matter to you.

Create your epics

What is epic? Epic is your long-term journeys, stories, or goals. You can create your epics with specific categories, start dates, and end dates. You can create multiple epics and manage them on the Epics board in the collection section.

Add content to your epics

A post can contain

  • Title (optional text)
  • Description (optional text, up to 2500 characters)
  • Up to 3 images

You can also add milestones to record your significant progress. In your timeline, the posts and milestones are ordered in time sequence.

Epic Settings

You can set the following properties for a given epic:

  • Epic name
  • Epic category
  • Start date
  • End date

You can update the epic status:

  • In progress (default)
  • Accomplished
  • Discontinued for other reasons

Activities Board

You can check how active you are in the past half-year on our activities board. We display your daily activity level on each grid. The darker the color of the grid, the more active you were on that particular day. We calculate your streak if you are consecutively active on multiple days.

Social Section

You can interact with other users:

  • Search other users and epics
  • Explore other users’ posts
  • Subscribe to other users’ epics and receive updates in the Subscription section
  • Follow other users and see the following and follower list in Profile
  • Comment on posts
  • Like post


  • If anything happens, you can go to Contact Us to provide any feedback or ask for help.
  • If you have an issue logging into the app, you can click ask for help to contact us.
  • Whenever you register into the app or reset your password, we will send you emails for notification.
  • You can check the app version, our website, the registered email, privacy policy, and terms of use in the app.